Spot Diffuser
Spot Diffuser

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Spot Diffuser
Spot Diffuser

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Spot Diffuser
Spot Diffuser

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JMC Spot diffusers are recommended for use in large spaces such as malls , exhibit hall etc., Where directional control of conditioned air is
of very much important.
The adjustable nozzle models make it possible to adapt the jet discharge angle to suit differing operating conditions.


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  • Spot diffusers provide an architecturally preferred high end appearance

  • Ideally suited for predictable directional control of conditioned air within large spaces such as malls, exhibit halls, sports arenas,
    industrial and manufacturing facilities, atrium areas, and large office building entrances.

  • Small nozzle sizes provide shorter throws for smaller spaces

  • Spot air distribution ideal for industrial cooling, heating, or ventilating.

  • Side wall, ceiling, or duct mounted applications – any orientation

  • Rapid temperature equalization eliminates Stratification


  • Eyeball assembly smoothly rotates in fixed mounting flange – seals prevent leakage.

  • Field adjustable directional control up to 75° total angle.

  • Single Element units are supplied as a standard.

  • Installation configurations include surface and end of round duct mounting.