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Combination Fire / Smoke Damper

Class I • 1½ Hour • 250°F or 350°F • Galvanized Steel • Single Thickness Blade • UL Classified Damper



Frame Type


Blade Type

Axle materials

Axle Bearings


Blade Seal

Jamb Seal

Closure Device

Closure Temp.

: 16-GA galvanized steel

: 5½" X ⅞" Galvanized steel Hat Channel

: 16 -GA Double skin ( equivalent to 14-GA )

: Single Thickness Blade

: Plated Solid Steel stub

: Oil impregnated bronze

: Plated steel angle & crank plates with stainless steel
pivots; In-jamb type or on-blade type

: Silicone

: Stainless steel

: Electric heat responsive device

: 165º F (73ºC)


  • Exact Size (no undercut)

  • Actuators - 120V, 24V, 230V or Pneumatic

  • Right Hand and/or Internal Actuator Mounting Locations (Restrictions Apply)

  • Dual Position Indication (DPI) Switches

  • Sensotherm Re-Openable Heat Response Device (ESOT) for Electric Actuator

  • Sensotherm Re-Openable Heat Response Device (EPOT) for Pneumatic Actuator

  • Model SM-501 Flow-Rated Smoke Detector

  • Model 2151 No-Flow Smoke Detector (12” Minimum Damper Height)

  • Momentary Test Switch

  • Remote Test Boxes

  • Copper Tubing (for Pneumatic Actuators)

  • Transformers

  • Tab-Lock Retaining Angles - 1 or 2 Sets

  • Stainless Steel Bearings

  • Stainless Steel Axles

  • Security Bars

  • Sleeves of Various Depths and Gauge Thickness (restriction apply)

  • No Sleeves (restriction apply)

  • Round or Oval Transitions

  • Short-Width (<8”) and/or Short-Height (<6”) Transitions


  • Installation Instruction

  • Supplementry Information


  • “A” width and “B” height are opening dimensions. Dampers are provided approximately ‘A” undersize.

  • Damper >= 12” in height with factory mounted SM-501 smoke detectors require a minimum 19” deep sleeve (10.5” on the actuator side); detectors will be mounted on the side of the damper opposite actuator. 

  • Damper < 12” in height with factory mounted SM-501 smoke detectors require a minimum 20 deep sleeve (11.5” on the actuator side); detectors will be mounted on the bottom or top of damper.

  • Smoke Detectors can be ordered for field mounting with standard 18” deep sleeve. Dampers for horizontal installation can only be mounted in a fire barrier constructed of masonry/concrete materials.