Linear Slot Diffuser
Linear Slot Diffuser

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Linear Slot Diffuser
Linear Slot Diffuser

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Linear Slot Diffuser
Linear Slot Diffuser

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Linear Slot Diffusers manufactured by JMC have been designed to satisfy architectural concepts that require continuous length applications without compromising air distribution performance.

These diffusers utilizes an adjustable vane in each slot to control the direction of air discharge either parallel with or perpendicular to its face surface.


The adjustment from the face of the diffuser allows for pattern control in a full 180 degree range for either right or left parallel, intermediate or perpendicular.


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  • Versatile supply linear diffuser for wall, ceiling or sill installation.

  • Adjustable air discharge pattern for horizontal or vertical directions. 

  • Provides draft free comfort for both heating and cooling.

  • Designed for efficient air distribution at cooling differentials up to 16°C.

  • Can be used for combination - supply, return or return only.

  • Continuous runs with active and inactive sections.


  • Extruded aluminum construction with attractive, durable finish.

  • Pattern control designed for easy adjustment of horizontal or vertical discharge.

  • Outer flanges,center tees and end caps.

  • Flat pattern control element and adjustment vanes for clean architectural look.

  • Available in two slot widths, 19mm, 25mm.

  • Available in single piece lengths from 300mm to 2500mm.

  • Units for continuous run applications provided with concealed key-ways and alignment strips for exact alignment and clean, neat appearance.