KSQE terminals are available in a wide array of control packages using pneumatic, electronic analogue or factory-installed direct digital (DDC) controls.

KSQE units can be provided with an integral sound attenuator for ultra-quiet performance. 

Low-temperature unit construction is also available using 25mm thick matte-faced insulation and isolation of the air valve from the outer casing.Numerous other optional features are available


  • The lack of intruding fasteners, tabs or other obstructions in the air stream results in very quiet sound performance and low internal pressure losses. All units incorporate full 90° rotation round dampers (except the size 600 x 400) for precise control of the airflow.  

  • All units are available with pressure independent controls for precise control of the airflow. All units with these controls are factory calibrated for minimum and maximum airflow settings prior to shipment and are easily field adjusted.

FloXact-X ™ Air Velocity Sensor

  • The unique shape, (patent pending) creates a linear amplified signal (at least 2.5x Pdyn) with a low noise level and pressure   drop.

  • Extruded aluminium profile measurement. 

  • Multi-point averaging 

  • Measurement according to “Log Tchebycheff” method.

  • Strengthen measurement signal with at least 2.5x.

  • Accurate measurement from 1.5m/s air velocity.

  • Rounded apertures make FloXact™ insensitive to skew or turbulent inflow to 30° in all directions relative to the profile axis.

  • The units can be supplied with factory setting with the calibrated analogue or digital controllers. 


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